a taste of Barcelona

So I travel a lot and one of my favorite places to go is Barcelona and one of my most favorite things to eat there are blistered shishito peppers. My other favorite is Potato's Bravas which I am working on perfecting the recipe and will post once I am done! These peppers are tangy, flavorful, not too spicy and just plain delicious! I forgot about them until I saw a huge bag of them at CostCo and now they are a staple in my fridge!

I tried out being vegan for four months and this was one of the things that I loved to snack on and I also loved pairing them with other foods to offset my calories. By the way, has anyone tried the Beyond Burgers?? I am again a meat-eater but even I have to admit that these are beyond amazing! I love pairing this recipe whenever I make myself a burger and it doesn't make me feel like I ate well...everything!

The best part! MADE IN THE AIR FRYER! Seriously, I am a bit enamored by this air fryer and many of my recent recipes are made in it. It's super fast and can be used with little to no oil but still keeps all the flavor! Seriously, if you don't have one, you need it in your life! That and the Instapot are my absolute favorites alongside my Vitamix!



8oz Shishito Peppers (Wash and dry them completely. I try and do this as soon as I buy them and then store them clean so I can use them whenever I get the craving)

Avocado Oil (I love the spray bottles that you can get at CostCo but you can use any high heat oil that you have on hand)

Flaky Sea Salt



1. Pre-heat your air fryer at 400F for 4 minutes

2. Spray or drizzle your peppers with just a little avocado oil

3. Once preheated, carefully spread out the peppers in a single layer in the basket of your air fryer

4. Give them a shake so it’s evenly distributed

5. Air fry the shishitos for 5 or 6 minutes at 400 degrees until they are blistered and lightly charred in spots

6. Transfer them to a serving dish and drizzle with lime juice and sprinkle with a generous amount of salt 7. Eat and enjoy!!

So versatile!

I can't wait to be able to travel again! There was a beautiful open market where you could shop amazing produce, meats and sweets as well as go up to counters and eat amazing menus created daily based on seasonal ingredients.

..and yes. I'm all about the food!


Awesome Air Fryer (soooo awesome!!!)


Vitamix (this is the one I have, in white of course!)

Vitamix Smoothie Kit (if you drink smoothies or protein shakes, I love mine

Vitamix Small Mixing Cups (if you sauces or grind spices - I do...alot!


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