cupcake couture.

Back by popular demand I am re-posting the cupcake couture that I did during my old blogging days from Japan. I started this concept while preparing for a wedding trade show when I had my cupcakery in Charlotte. While preparing cupcake designs, I quickly ran out of ideas and got inspired by the plethora of wedding magazines out there. I designed the cupcakes as accompaniments to fashion that I loved - dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc.. I didn't realize how popular the blog got (I still am not completely sure what google analytics is?), until I received a call from Elle Magazine in Japan about featuring my blog in their magazine. This is super ironic because several years later, I ended up living in Japan for 5+ years! Unfortunately, this all happened during the grand opening of my bakery and it was a chaotic time and with the time difference, I didn't end up being able to do the feature.

But! It did make me realize that my little cupcake designs had a following. Hence, I am re-posting a couple of designs for now until I can get home and dig out all my tools to make new designs. (I am in the Carolina's currently visiting fam but will be going home soon). In case you want to try your hand at it, I will list a link to some of the stuff that I use/used to create these puppies. For the first one, I even created the cupcake wrapper with my Silhouette machine. That paper cutter is amazing and I actually use it for a ton of things. It is very similar to the Circuit machine and I think totally worth having if you do a lot of decorating around the house or like to craft things. I once decorated an entire room for a halloween party with paper bats that I cut on it and it was pretty awesome for very little cost! I will see if I can dig up that picture from somewhere sometime! I have listed below some of my favorite things that I use when making/decorating cupcakes. It's a long list but I wish when I was starting out that I knew some of the basic things that I needed and could find it all in one place so hopefully it helps some of you.


Cupcake pan

Mini cupcake pan (also great for appetizers!)

Silhouette paper cutting machine (to cut and make your own cupcake covers)

Cricut paper cutting machine (an alternative to the silhouette machine)

Cardstock pack

Brown cupcake wrappers (my favorite)

Gumpaste (to make sugar decorations)

Fondant (for the smooth topped cupcakes as it tastes better than gum paste)

Gumpaste rolling pin

Gumpaste/Fondant Cutting Knife

Gumpaste flower making kit/rolling mat

Gumpaste flower/leaves silicone impression set/decorating kit

Gel food coloring

Plastic gloves (to save your hands while coloring gumpaste/fondant)

Extra large piping tips

Extra large piping tips 2

Large disposable icing piping bag

Cupcake silicone lace impression decorating kit


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