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So first of all...I'm back! Yes, yes, it's been awhile - how long? Almost exactly the length it took me to get and work at a "real" job. How was it? Waaaay too real for me! Actually it wasn't horrible - it's good to know that I can be thrown in and adapt to a whole new industry and I would even say thrive if I am being super confident in myself...and the promotion that I got in less than a year. :)

BUT with good things, one constant is change. For me that was ANOTHER change in cities/states/living, etc... Being attached to a pilot isn't easy and it has now landed me in a place that I never in a million years would have seen myself in (and that's a bold statement given that I lived in Japan for almost 6 years!). I can now call myself a Floridian (yikes!). That's right - this cold-loving weather girl has now landed where winters come to die. In fact, since the last time that we spoke, I have moved again another 3 times! First to Charlotte, NC (where we bought a house), then to Orlando (where we moved to an apartment until we could figure things out), then to a permanent home (where we are apparently going to plant ourselves for the long haul). I have since put 2 houses on the market, sold 2 houses and bought 1 in this crazy housing market. I had to officially let my new job go since I could not easily commit to a 3 day work schedule given that the office was in Charlotte and decided that I wasn't really meant for a "real" job when there are so many fun things to try that I can do on my own schedule. That was the hardest part for me with my last job - not having my own time. To the point that a "day off" felt like breathing in free air. I should have taken my cue from that LOL.

Anyways, I am now settled in Orlando and it's as awful as I thought it would be but also not as bad as it could be at the same time. The house that we finally found (after months and months and MONTHS of looking) almost didn't happen given this crazy market. We absolutely lucked out as it was a new construction that somehow got overlooked by the masses given that they were so off schedule with supply chain delays. We somehow lucked out in that we noticed it half a year ago, forgot about it and then when we couldn't find anything going onto half a year, we took a look back at it and it was finally about to be complete! We swooped in there and took a look and before they could take professional pictures of it staged, we put in an offer, haggled back and forth on the price and finally got ourselves a house! The house is pretty sweet but I was promised (as a compromise for Florida) to get a pool so that process has been started and should (fingers crossed!) be completed by the end of the year.

So all of that is going somewhat well. Us, trying to be home owners, is funny as we are absolutely clueless but it's own sort of adventure. But with a new place, no job and practically no one that we know - I have lots and lots of time on my hands. Especially given that he is super busy flying right now - there is a major shortage of pilots so he is working extra hard and is gone a lot of the time. Is there a thing as being addicted to Insta scrolling? If so, I am there. I scroll and scroll and I want all the things. I see these amazing women building amazing things and they really make you believe that anyone can do it. In fact, with a shiny new house and so many projects that I want to do, I was on my way to Home Depot to buy all the power tools I could when the hubs flat out said no. He was convinced that I would drill off an appendage or something stupid even though I showed him all the women out in the world capable of building anything. We finally came up with a compromise.

The other thread on Insta that I was obsessed with were these women/companies that were making small decorative things out of concrete. Apparently everywhere in the world (except the US of course) there is a product out there called Jesomite that is an eco-friendly concrete mix that you can use to make decorative things from using silicon molds - candles, trays, jewelry holders, etc... It seemed so much fun that I definitely wanted to try my hand at it. That was before that found out that the US does not have any suppliers of Jesomite. I would literally have to get it shipped to me from either Canada or the UK which would make it super expensive as it is concrete and not exactly light-weight. So that's when the experiments began.

Using a mixture of regular cement, some plaster and some sand, I did lots of trial and error to try and get a mixture that would work as well. Since cement is naturally grey, adding colors was difficult even though I found some pigments and things that could work, it wasn't as easy as what they were using with the Jesomite product that you could easily add color to as it's base was white. I tried looking for white cement but right now it is as elusive as a unicorn given that getting certain supplies right now are nearly impossible. So I decided to play with natural colors and add some minimalistic touches to it (my favorite design vibe).

It's been a lot of fun and super messy (I mean, it's concrete!) and don't worry, I am NOT washing the concrete down the sink! Anyways, I will share with you what I am creating and since all my creations are piling up, I am toying with the idea of opening up a small etsy store and off loading it to make room for more cool stuff to try out! Not absolutely committed yet but maybe I will try out an Instagram shop first. Don't worry, I still love cooking and have been trying out a few recipes in the last few months that I am loving. More to come for that as well. In the meantime, I thought I would share my new adventure and let you guys know how it's coming along!


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