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I'm back! In case you missed me, lol. I took a bit of a holiday during Christmas and New Years to visit the fam in Charlotte, NC. I want to say that it was relaxing but anyone who knows my family (my sister in particular!) knows differently. I had a blast though as it's been awhile since I have seen everyone. Added bonus was that my aunts and uncles from Houston (where I was born) drove down for the holidays as well so I got to see them all. However, I would not classify it as, at all!

Just some of the things that I did was helping her organize her closets. Now this sounds like a small task unless you are my sister! She has a TON of stuff. She uses one of her upstairs room (which I actually think is bigger than my living room and kitchen combined) to keep all of her Indian clothes. Now imagine the size of the closet to a room that is bigger than my whole's massive! Now just try and imagine how many clothes she owns given that the closet is overflowing and needs to be organized. It's overwhelming. Another visual if you will - if you have a CostCo membership and have ever bought those slim velvet hangers from them, you know that they come in a pack of 50. I opened a new pack that she had to hang her saree blouses and didn't have enough to finish. Now add in the actual sarees, outfits with puffy skirts and all the simple Indian suits that she owns. Then alllll the accessories! Mind boggling for someone who owns a total of 3 Indian outfits which I only got made for a wedding a few years back! But on the bright side - I have like my very own boutique shop of pretties whenever I need anything!

So that was day 1. The rest of my stay only got busier lol. We also had a big gathering for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, my belated birthday celebration and New Years Eve. So let's just say that my 12 days there were very eventful. Hence, I didn't really have the time to blog or post much!

However, there were some great recipes that I tried out during my stay there that I want to bring back to you guys! I am going full on keto now as I have trucked along with being Carnivore for almost 3 months now. I have slowly added back vegetables into my diet and so far, the inflammation in my joints is still at holding at what it is now so no noticeable difference in adding them back in. It's a relief as I am ready for some variety in my diet!

For my belated birthday party, my brother held it at his new place and to keep things simple and to please as many adults and kids as possible, he ordered pizza and made air fried chicken wings. Since I was the birthday girl, he handmade a keto pizza for me and it was delicious! His crust used a bit of almond flour which I am okay with but I want to experiment around with it to see if I can eliminate it if possible. So I am working on that recipe and will post it as soon as I come up with something that I love!

Next, for Christmas Eve, I made lasagna and salad for everyone. I originally was going to make my eggplant lasagna with a meaty sauce which I have made before (recipe can be found HERE), but I got busy with life and forgot about the eggplant in the oven and it pretty much cooked until it disappeared (oops). My sister found a great recipe to make keto lasagna noodles using just cheese and eggs and it worked beautifully! That recipe I will definitely be making again and soon so watch for that!

Sooooo many desserts - like so many! I made apple pie, cherry pie, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning (recipe HERE), MORE gulab jamun bundt cakes (recipe HERE) -- except this time, we baked them in mini bundt cake pans and packaged them to give to her neighbors for Christmas - adorbs!). Check them out!

To round out the trip, we had a beauty show! Okay, not really a beauty show but I volunteered to help one of my cousin-in-law's who is a talented makeup artist just establishing her business. To get some content for her social media platforms, she asked for some of my family to dress up and get their make up done and I volunteered to take photos for her (and also so I didn't have to get glammed up myself!). As you can see, my fam is gorgeous and Anisha is super talented. I will post a few of these on my Instagram account as well to help promote her.

My gorgeous sister is the one in the orange saree. Her sister in law is the fierce one in the black cocktail dress and my beautiful sister in law is the one in the pink dress. Anisha (the beauty artist) is the one in yellow! You can follow her on IG at @makeupbyanishaj! And no, I am not a professional is just another one of my many hobbies that I picked up from youTube and lots of practice. Also, it really helps to read the manual of the camera!

It was fun to see all of them dressed up and of course we turned it into a girls night (lots of drinking involved)...ok, so there was lots of drinking involved pretty much the whole trip really lol.

So that is a recap of my trip! I am on a self imposed 14 day self quarantine after my plane ride home and currently on day 4 (fingers crossed!). So far I feel fine except when I get on the scale! Hence the getting back on track which includes no drinking and eating keto clean. I hope that you enjoyed a little glimpse of what I have been up to and keep your eyes out for some awesome, amazing keto recipes!


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