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Quarantine babies are definitely a thing and it's great! I have planned a few (lots!) baby showers in my time but doing so for one under pandemic conditions is a bit more challenging. Especially for first time moms. My friend deserved an amazing baby shower and while not everyone could attend, I wanted to make it as special as possible. So every day I did a little something to prepare so that I wasn't running around like a crazy women the day of. For my eating sake, I decided to do more of a brunch type of event as it's much easier to find low carb options for myself (it's weird to host a party where you can't eat anything!). I made mini quiches, and mini hash browns and amazing cinnamon rolls which I have already posted the recipe for (link is HERE). The best part was that I could make everything ahead and throw it in the fridge and just bake things that morning/afternoon keeping the day free for any last minute preparations!

I also think that holding the baby shower for a late afternoon start is good for everyone - it lets people keep their evenings free for their families. It's also a good time (time zone wise) for people to call in on a zoom meeting or even just FaceTime.

So the invites were sent electronically for those that I knew would be able to attend and to those that could only attend virtually. We decided to keep it small and as safe as possible for the mom to be and the guests alike. Total, with me included, there were 4 women attending which was the perfect amount to keep everyone safe (each attendee took every precaution). As I did for the last baby shower that I hosted, I made matching masks as the favors to thank the guests for coming. This makes for a cute gift as well as gives guests an option to wear their masks during the party if it makes them feel safer.

Throw in a few games and some decorations and you have a party in the making! You can really find anything on the internet! Lots of free printable and games to be had. I found this amazing chalkboard contact paper on amazon (link here) and I had this rando closet door in the middle of my living room (it housed all the equipment for a "smart" home which only makes me feel stupid). By putting the contact paper on it, I made it a gigantic chalkboard and I use it for all the holidays or just use it to list all the cheesy holiday movies that need watching! This made the perfect place to set up Baby Jeopardy! All the questions I found online and the rest I printed up on a home printer. Easy peasy!

The balloons were apart of a decoration kit that I also found on amazon (link here) that also came with the banner. In hindsight, I really should have gotten one of those handheld balIoon inflators. I totally made it work with my bike pump though!

I used my cutting machine to cut out a cute little elephant in the same color scheme for all the guests to sign in a white pen for the mom-to-be to have a memento from the shower. It also made for a cute backdrop to the bar cart that I cleared off to use for the cake!

If you have read any of my other posts or tried any of the recipes that I have on here, you would have seen the wonderful recipe for gulab jamun cake. Given that the women coming to this shower had all seen it as well, they wanted to try it! So the challenge became how to make it fit the theme. The obvious thought was to either tint the glaze on top a light blue but I don't love using food coloring and that cake just would look weird with blue frosting! The second option was to sprinkle the glaze with blue sprinkles ... however, traditionally, this cake would be sprinkled with crushed pistachios so I wasn't loving that idea either. So finally, I came up with something to sit on top of the cake instead! How cute does this look???

This would work for any cake if you don't want to change it up too much to add a theme to it. As always, this cake was a hit! The link for the recipe is HERE. I also made my homemade, easy 3-ingredient cardamom ice cream on top which made it that much better! The link for that recipe is HERE.

The last thing that I did was a "make a onsie" station. I got some white onesies (link HERE) and some fabric puff paint (link HERE) and cut out some stencils and things for the girls to use. I did the same design as the one I did earlier for another friend of mine's baby shower. I just love how it looks!

After that, it's all about the food and drinks! We did pomegranate mimosas (both alcoholic and non) for the drink and the rest of the night was pretty fuzzy (so much so that I don't think we took any pictures of the actual attendees!! yikes!).

The mom-to-be was super happy and we were able to call up more of her friends so that they could participate in the baby shower games. End of the day, us all getting together to celebrate her was the whole point and that mission was well accomplished!

Also, based on how 2020 was and with us fast approaching 2021, I hope that this post was helpful for all the baby showers that will for sure be happening in the future!


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