salty sweet s'mores bark

As I was thinking about other recipes I could create using Nabisco's brand products, I wanted to do something that I love in a dessert - a salty sweet combo. I did this recipe awhile ago but haven't had a chance to post it on the blog. But since I have made this, I have packaged them for some gifts and they were adorable! This is one of those recipes that sits well and retains it's crunch so they would definitely make great gifts for friends and co-workers. I (of course!) used dark chocolate because I like that bit of bitter bite to the chocolate but you can definitely mix your chocolates here - for a sweeter bark, I would do a mix of 4 oz dark and 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate. These are great to eat with a strong cup of latte so I think the dark chocolate pairs well with it.

Again, this recipe is for a charity in conjunction with Tasty and Walmart! Voting has already begun and every vote (for ANY recipe), 10 meals will be donated! You can vote up to 5 times A DAY so that means an individual can essentially contribute to 250 meals total to help feed the hungry in America. If you share the link to your friends and family and they do the same, you could be responsible for so many more being donated. They will donate for votes up to 500,000 meals or the equivalent to $1,000,000! Please, please, please take a few seconds to go and vote. I have included the link below to one of my other recipes that I have can click the heart by that recipe up to 5 times all at once - no need to keep having to go back to the link. You can also click on the hearts of any of the recipes that were posted - doesn't have to be mine! ANY vote gets meals donated. Let's do everything that we can to get as many meals as we can.

Working in the hospitality industry, COVID has really hit hard. I have worked with so many amazing people in my career from waitstaff, servers, banquet staff, set-up crews, housekeeping attendants, etc.. Many of these individuals are now not working due to the deep decline in travel and are in a new situation where the simple task of feeding their families has become a challenge. While these holidays look so different from past ones, I am profoundly thankful for the blessings that I have in my life and the support system that I have when the world shifted in 2020. Anything that we can do, in small ways or big ways, really has an impact. I know lots of people feel the same way so hopefully this is a way to get the most that we can from large corporations to help those in need this year.

Here is the link to go to for VOTING.

Plus? It's delicious and the recipe is perfect for gift giving and sharing!

Salty Sweet S'mores Bark


1 sleeve Ritz crackers (30 crackers)

8 oz dark chocolate (or a mix of dark and semi sweet chocolate), cut up into small pieces

4 oz mini salty pretzels

Sea salt flakes (Fleur de sel)

8 large marshmallows, cut in halves or a handful of mini marshmallows

crushed roasted, salted pistachios (can use any nuts), optional garnish


  1. Line a sheet tray with parchment paper. Lay out all the Ritz crackers in a single layer on the pan, fitting them so that they are as close together as possible.

  2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave at 15 second increments, mixing along the way just until melted. Be careful to not burn the chocolate. It should be nice and glossy when done.

  3. Pour and spread the melted chocolate on top of the crackers so that it coats all the crackers in a thin layer. While the chocolate is still warm, sprinkle the pretzels on top and any crushed nuts if you choose to use them. Space out the marshmallows, cut size down if using large cut marshmallows or just scatter evenly if using the mini ones.

  4. Using a hand torch, toast the marshmallows or alternatively, place tray under the broiler watching very carefully so that the marshmallows get toasted but not burned.

  5. Lastly, sprinkle the bark lightly with some flaky sea salt.

  6. Once done, place the tray in the fridge for about 20 minutes for the bark to set.

  7. When set, place parchment paper on a cutting board and cut the bark to desired shapes.

So easy! I packaged these in clear cellophane bags with a some cute printed stickers that I made and voila...instant gift/stocking stuffer!

Here is the link to go to for VOTING.

Remember to click the heart FIVE TIMES...each vote counts for 10 meals each so 50 total per day! Also remember to click and vote each day...let's make all of them count!


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