the sauce of all sauces

So there are a few things that I always have in my fridge. One of those things is this sauce. It's one of those sauces that you can customize to your tastes to make it as spicy as you like it, as limey as you like it, as creamy as you like it. Once you have found the right proportions for yours and your family's tastebuds, you can drizzle it on pretty much anything. The only caveat? You have to like cilantro! And I do. A lot. My brother is one of those that thinks that it tastes like soap but he is also someone who only eats onions if they are super small and cooked into a meal so you can't see them or really taste them. So in mind, he doesn't really count. But I do think that it's a thing - you either love cilantro or you don't. As you probably know by now, a lot of Indian food and many other ethnic cuisine uses cilantro a lot. So that also makes this sauce very versatile. I have put this sauce on my eggs in the morning, on a hell of a lot of tacos, in my lunch bowls (which you will see below) that usually consists of any leftover meat from the dinner the day before paired with any roasted vegetables I have and lots of veggies over brown rice. I have also used this as a salad dressing when I want a punch of spicy flavor and as a dipping sauce with appetizers like the mini aloo tiki that I made earlier.

I usually try to make this sauce once a week and I store it in a squeezey bottle which I will link below. I get them on amazon and they are inexpensive and if I am going to someone's house and bringing an appetizer that pairs well with this sauce, I just grab the bottle and take it with me. Easy peasy! This recipe is so simple and only take a few ingredients but they all work hard to create a powerhouse of flavor. Because it was so easy, I tried to make another video. Still learning but this one was fun! Hope that you guys enjoy!

Cilantro Serrano Lime Crema

INGREDIENTS: (feel free to play around with these quantities to suit your tastes!)

2 serrano peppers, chopped roughly

2 Tbsp of fresh lime juice (approximately 2 limes if they aren't very juicy)

1/2 cup of packed fresh cilantro, washed and dried and roughly chopped

1/2 cup of mayonnaise (homemade is best but not necessary)


  1. Put all ingredients into a blender (in the video I used my NutriBullet but any blender will work).

  2. Blend until the sauce is smooth.

  3. Store in an airtight container for up to a week in the fridge. Or do what I do, store it in a squeezey bottle (that closes or has a lid) for up to a week in the fridge.

Doesn't get any easier than that! Check it out in the video below where I use it to add all the flavor I need to my lunch bowl yesterday. It's basically leftover grilled chicken, air fried Japanese sweet potatoes, red onions and sweet peppers all over brown rice and drizzled with this amazing sauce. Quick, healthy and just yum.



Squeezey Bottles

Silicon Bottle Cleaning Brush

Weck jars (I love these for storing sauces and things that need to be air tight)


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