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Welcome to my first blog! This is so exciting and so scary at the same time. I feel like I have been blogging my whole life but internally (before FB, IG and Pinterest was so popular). I did have a very basic blog when I owned my bakery that got a bit popular internationally but it was solely based on cupcakes which I dressed in the latest fashions. Keep following me and eventually you will see more of those because A) they are cupcakes and delicious and B) they are fun! That blog was extremely popular but super time consuming so they will make their appearance here and there!

So as my family and friends know - I love to bake, cook, create, organize and decorate. I take lots of photos but don't do much with them except hoard them for my personal viewing pleasure. I have finally decided (aka pushed by my brother) to start this blog for you, my maybe one viewer, and for my own diary of sorts. A place to keep everything as well as an easy way for me to pass along the recipes that I developed over the years to my friends and family. So here goes. Please enjoy and share with your friends if you like what I have to post. I promise to post often and build up my content as much as I can. Thanks to being in quarantine, I should be able to post fairly often.

In the meantime, for my first content post, I just co-hosted a baby shower for my really good friend and I am posting some photos that I took along with a recipe for one of the bite size brunch items that I made that was super easy to make and present and one that got rave reviews. When you combine those two things, you have a winner in my book!

The French toast bites that I did are pictured above. The best part is that you can make them fairly quickly with very few ingredients and assemble them quickly. You can then put them in the oven on a warm setting (200F or below) and they will be perfect for when you are ready to serve them. Dust them with powdered sugar for a bit of bling and you are literally a culinary genius! Here is the recipe:

French Toast Bites


4 eggs

1 cup half and half (whole milk can be used as well)

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 6-8 slices bread (a simple but really good soft white sandwich bread)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Butter as needed


- Whisk together the half and half, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla extract in a big bowl

- Place griddle or pan over medium heat and melt enough butter in pan to coat the surface

- Dip bread slices in egg mixture (important: only dip for about 5 seconds each, making certain both sides are well coated but not soaked)

- Carefully place the bread on the pan and cook until golden brown on both sides - a couple of minutes per side

That's it! Make all of them at once and then cut and assemble onto these adorable skewers that I found on amazon. Honestly, I use these skewers for everything and they are super inexpensive!

The baby mama's favorite dessert of all time is black forest cake. I adapted that into my cupcakes and she was super happy. I will have to devote an entire post on cupcakes and maybe even create a whole category for them. I have so much cupcake content that it is a bit embarrassing!



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